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What Is An Appraisal?

An appraisal is a document that provides one of 6 types of reports, as permitted under the Canadian Uniform Standards or Professional Appraisal Practice (CUSPAP). Each report contains information relevant to independent property valuation, including the purpose of the appraisal, other qualifying conditions, neighborhood conditions, property identification, data analysis, the value, estimate and the effective date of the appraisal. All reports are signed and certified and may contain support material, such as maps, charts or photographs.

All reports will demonstrate one or more of the 3 data-processing methods used to arrive at an indication of value:

  • The Cost Approach
  • The Income Approach
  • The Direct Comparision Approach

A Fuerland Appraiser may be hired by a company, institution or private individual to perform a variety of property valuation duties, or simply to provide an independent and objective opinion on a given property.

Why Call a Professional Appraiser?

Fuerland Appraisers provide independent and objective consulting and valuation of any type of real property.

  • Residential & Commercial
  • Industrial & Rural
  • Institutional & Wetlands
  • Parks & Churches
  • Cottages & More...

The cornerstone of an appraisal is knowledge, and Fuerland Appraisers will put their years of training and knowledgs to work for you. Keeping up to date with current market trends and legal changes that may affect real estate values, our appraisers offer an informed valuation so you can be assured of the worth of your investment. A Fuerland designated appraiser combines his knowledge and expertise with a thorough property investigation to deliver a professional opinion that you can trust.

A Fuerland Appraiser can help you with the following:

The current value of property being bought or sold, making sure that you are getting value for a house, farm, office building, or indstrial facility;

  • The future value of property being built
  • The value for mortgage or lending purposes
  • The value to assist in investment decisions
  • The value of assets
  • The value of property involved in legal dispute
  • The verification of damagae claims
  • The value to measure property tax assesments, capital gains and other taxes
  • The property value needed to determine compensation when property is expropriated
  • Consulting on industrial, commercial and residential complexes